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Solar-Powered and Organic Lawn Care in Kenmore, WA

You get the highest quality lawn care in Kenmore with the all-electric, all-organic lawn service of Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle. Our Kenmore lawn care program includes a kid- and pet-safe treatment approach that’s based on soil and plant science, and a zero-emission mowing crew that cuts your lawn with quiet care. Clean Air Lawn Care offers premium lawn service at a competitive price. Get an estimate today and see how an electric, organic lawn care service makes all the difference!

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Organic Fertilizer and Weed Control Programs

Kenmore lawns are finally safe for pets and kids to enjoy! Your Clean Air Lawn Care lawn treatments will be organic, safe, and effective. We use high-quality organic treatments that have been customized for Washington lawns. Pets, kids, and wildlife can go out and play on your lawn immediately after it’s treated. No wait time necessary!

Conventional lawn care companies use harsh chemicals for their lawn treatments. To get rid of your weeds, they spray hazardous pesticides that pose health risks to pets and kids. And to green up your lawn quickly, they use synthetic, high-nitrogen treatments that make your lawn look green but actively destroy the health of its soil and grass.

Our organic, science-based approach to lawn care entails a focus on the health of your lawn’s soil in order to grow a healthy, robust and lush lawn. We see the best results when we feed the soil with essential nutrients, amino acids, and active microbes. When the soil is taken care of and healthy, the grass is healthy. It’s as simple as that.

Not only are organically treated lawns safer for pets and kids, but they are much healthier, too. And healthy lawns resist disease and weeds because they are more resilient than sick, chemically treated lawns.

If you’re ready to have a safe, healthy and lush lawn, give us a call or request an estimate today!

Solar-Powered and Quiet Kenmore Lawn Service

electric lawn care KenmoreWhen you’re tired of listening to the ear-splitting grind of gas-powered mowers and trimmers, give us a call. Thanks to our all-electric lawn equipment, your lawn is cut without polluting the air or making a ruckus. And, our electric equipment is powered by the sun! When your Clean Air Lawn Care crew shows up, you’ll notice a solar panel perched on the top of their truck. That solar panel powers their electric equipment so that they can finish servicing all the lawns on their route without running out of juice.

The lawn care industry is a huge contributor to air pollution across the country, and it’s important for us to be a part of the solution. Our electric equipment offers a clean, zero-emission approach to lawn care. Add in the fact that it’s much quieter and just as effective as gas equipment and you wonder why anyone still uses those dirty gas-powered mowers anymore!

Premium Kenmore Lawn Care

organic lawn careWhether you have used other lawn services in the past, are new to having a lawn crew, or are new to the Kenmore area and looking for a reliable lawn service, we’re confident that we offer the best lawn care in the area. Our premium lawn care approach is different from other local lawn care companies. We use clean, quiet lawn care equipment instead of smelly, polluting gas-powered equipment. Our treatment approach is organic, healthy, and science-based. And our crew is professional, experienced, and courteous. If you’re ready to see the difference premium, organic lawn care can make on your Kenmore lawn, get in touch!