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Electric and Organic Lawn Care in Bothell

Have you been looking for high-quality lawn care in Bothell that’s not only dependable, but also quiet, zero-emission, and safe for pets, kids and wildlife? It might sound like a lot to ask for, but we do it all. We deliver premium lawn service with our all-electric equipment, all-organic treatments and a science-based approach to lawn care.

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Quiet, Electric Lawn Service

electric lawn care bothellTired of yelling over the noise of your current lawn service or mower? Is the smell of your fresh-cut grass overpowered by the stench of gas from the lawnmower? Do you want to go outside and breathe fresh, clean air even on lawn service days? If you answered “yes,” then it’s time to give us a call. Our experienced lawn care crew uses electric lawn care equipment that’s powered by the sun – you’ll see the solar panels that charge their gear on the top of the truck.

If you live in Bothell, WA, you’re in luck! You can get your lawn mowed and trimmed with quiet, zero-emission and solar-powered electric equipment. Just give us a call or fill out our quick estimate request. We’d be happy to give your lawn a quiet, clean mow at your convenience.

Pet-Friendly Lawn Treatments

Dog-friendly lawn care in Bothell, WAPets and families in the Bothell area won’t have to worry about the health effects of pesticides or chemicals when they play on beautiful, green lawns thanks to our high-quality, all-organic fertilizer and soil builder treatments. Our kid- and pet-friendly approach to organic lawn care includes high-quality liquid treatments that feed the health of the soil and the grass. We don’t artificially green up your yard with smelly, questionable chemicals or shocks of high-nitrogen treatments. We bring our knowledge of soil and lawn science to every lawn we manage. This science-based approach ensures that each yard is safe, healthy and beautiful.

What it all comes down to is a simple fact: healthy soil grows healthy plants. And synthetic chemicals simply don’t lead to healthy soil or plants. That’s why chemically treated lawns constantly need to be re-treated to maintain a green look. Lawns that are treated with the high-quality, organic nutrients and soil microbes found in our liquid fertilizer grow lush, green and resilient because they are healthy and robust.

We want what’s best for pets, kids, and wildlife all over the Bothell area. It turns out that what’s best for them is best for the lawn, too!

Experienced Lawn Care in Bothell, WA

lawn care in BothellThe Clean Air Lawn Care Bothell and Kenmore owner, Andy Burns, has been in the organic lawn care business for over 15 years. He’s been a part of the Clean Air Lawn Care family since 2011. His expertise continues to grow in the Bothell area. He knows what Washington lawns need to flourish, and he knows that only the highest quality of care will do the trick. Andy’s lawn care crew is also professional and experienced. They pride themselves on providing the highest quality of lawn care you can find in the Bothell area.

Give Andy a call or send in an estimate request to get your lawn care needs exceeded this season!