Meet Denny Rochford, Owner of Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle

Why did you start Clean Air Lawn Care?

I purchased the location because of my commitment to reducing our community’s ecological footprint

What sustainable habits do you have?

Most of my adult life I have worked to improve the health of buildings and our community. I personally have been doing reduce, reuse and recycle since the term’s inception. From food waste to plastics my footprint is minimal.

Why do you think sustainable and organic lawn care important?

Lawn care, the way we do it, is safer, sustainable, healthier for our community and world, quieter and more beautiful.

What is great about your community?

In the greater Seattle area, we have the ability to be in nature all day and go to a Broadway play in the evening. We have all of the great things that a large city can offer but with mountains, water and field within driving distance.

What else would you like to share?

I grew up in the area and graduated from Edmonds High School when it was still called Edmonds High School. My wife and I have 2 grown daughters and a son-in-law. I have served in many volunteer positions from being the president of home owners association to being on a parent advisory board for a large school.

Denny Rochford Clean Air Lawn Care Seattle